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Clay Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive

PRO-774 is the preferred adhesive for large commercial jobs such as hotels, office buildings, and hospitals. It is designed to flow easily through pasting machines, and has maximum wet tack to hold the heaviest wallcoverings. PRO-774 is a commercial grade adhesive and is strippable with fabric-backed vinyl over bare drywall.


Recommended Use

  • Hanging commercial weight wallcovering 

Key Features

  • Contractor Strength
  • Maximum tack
  • Recommended for pasting machines
  • Strippable when used with fabric-backed vinyl over bare drywall with a cure time of 4-6 weeks
  • Very Low VOC 


  • Approx. 200 sq. ft per gallon

Product Codes

• 5 gallon -  10605


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