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Ultra Clear Wallpaper Adhesive

PRO-880 is the finest quality wallpaper adhesive. It is excellent for the retail customer, as well as the most discriminating contractor. It is a premium clear adhesive that combines the best features of clays and clears. It has excellent wet-tack, extended open-time and unsurpassed ease of clean-up. Undiluted PRO-880 will hang type II and type III wallcoverings, yet it can also be diluted for use with lightweight and pre-pasted wallcoverings. It promotes strippability of fabric-backed wallcoverings over new bare drywall. PRO-880 applies easily with a roller or pasting machine.


Recommended Uses

  • Hanging commercial weight wallcovering
  • Can be used with all weights of wallpaper

Key Features

  • Maximum tack
  • Extended open time
  • Strippable when used with fabric-backed vinyl over bare drywall with a cure time of 4-6 weeks
  • Unsurpassed ease of clean-up
  • Spreads and flows easily
  • Zero VOC (≤ 5 grams per liter)


  • Approximately 330 square feet per gallon

Product Codes

• 5 gallon - 12405

• 1 gallon - 12401


All Roman products have a bactericide and mildewcide for in can protection. In addition, the mildewcide provides on the wall protection.



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