Wallpaper Removal Basics

Basic wallpaper removal involves 3 steps:


  1. Score the wallpaper

  2. Spray remover on the wallpaper

  3. Scrape off the wallpaper


Before attempting the tackle the entire room, test a small area first. Find a seam and peel back some of the wallpaper to test adhesion. Some types of wallpaper may release the top coating layer, allowing the remover solution to penetrate the backing more easily.



If this top layer does not release easily, a scoring tool can be used to perforate the wallpaper. The scoring tool will create tiny holes that allow remover solution to penetrate the wallpaper.



Roman’s Piranha brand removers will help break down paste and release wallpaper from the wall. Spray the remover onto a small section, and wait 15 minutes for the remover to penetrate and break down the wallpaper paste. Keep the walls saturated with remover to ensure the paste doesn’t dry out.



Once the remover solution has had time to break down the wallpaper paste, begin scraping the walls clean. The wallpaper seam is an ideal starting place. If the wallpaper is still adhered well, apply some additional removal solution to the wall.


Clean Up

After the wallpaper has been completely removed, be sure to sponge down the walls with removal solution. This will help remove any residual wallpaper paste.


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