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"PRO-880 adhesive is known as the 'magic paste'. Since we started using PRO-880 adhesive, our hanging problems have become a distant memory. Based on our many years of experience, we strongly recommend PRO-880 and PRO-990 Primer for hanging almost all types of wallcoverings; both products are clear winners among a host of products available on the market."
-India and Middle East

"With Romanʼs products, our Marketing & Sales program is to give paperhangers a sample and get them 'hooked'. When they come back, we can charge them anything we want."

"We thought we should buy locally-ʻitʼs only pasteʼ, so we tried a local supplier and we were forced back to Roman. The paperhangers wouldnʼt tolerate the change. I donʼt want to upset them ever again."

"Every competitor of ours (selling high-end domestic wallpapers) recommend to the installers to only use PRO-880...and boy, do we charge for that! Donʼt thank me for supporting Roman. We love the product and we only support the best of suppliers."
-Down Under

"Recently, I added a new client who just moved to the United States from India. She was using her own designer from India. They both insisted that I hang the wallpaper with their paste from India. I said, 'Gee, I donʼt know-Iʼm pretty particular about the paste I use, but I guess I can check it out.' She brings me a box with a one gallon with the lid taped down A LOT, like it was gold or something. I burst out laughing when I saw it was the product I use, Romanʼs 880--shipped all the way from India!"
-U.S. Paperhanger & Loyal PRO-880 user


Providing quality products for over 75 years, Roman Decorating Products is well known in the industry for its innovative, proprietary and even patented wallpaper adhesives, primers and removers. In fact, Roman is acknowledged by the industry as the creator of the first pre-mixed wallcovering adhesives. This tradition continues today, as Roman is acknowledged as the worldwide innovation leader. No wallpaper sundry company is more dedicated to the wallcovering industry, as 95% of Roman’s sales are related to wallcoverings.


Roman manufactures the best selling brands in North America in its state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. ft. facility near Chicago, Illinois. Roman’s products can be found in almost all retailers including: Akzo-Nobel, Lowe's, PPG, Sherwin-Williams and The Home Depot.

Internationally, unlike in North America, Roman utilizes wallcovering distributors for its distribution to all of the continents. You can read quotes and testimonials from our international wallcovering distributors and paperhangers who have used Roman’s products.


It will be our expertise that will give you confidence in your adhesive program. To have a conversation regarding an adhesive program, please call our president, Jerry Russo, directly at 708-585-4666.


Jerry Russo, President & CEO


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