14 Essential Wallpaper Tools for Flawless Installations

Whether you are just starting out in the wallpaper hanging business or you are a homeowner and DIYer, you need to have the best wallpaper tools available to create a beautifully finished installation. When you have the right tools, the process of transforming walls from blah to beautiful can be uncomplicated and time-efficient. This guide will introduce you to top-of-the-line tools needed to remove old wallpaper, repair any damage found, and install new wallpaper.

What Tools Do You Need To Hang Wallpaper?

The tools needed for wallpaper installation are easy to acquire and can be mastered within a short period of time. They include hand tools as well as various removers, adhesives and primers necessary to ensure your all-around success. Let’s compile the list in the order that they would be needed on a typical project.

Tools Needed for Setup and Removal of Old Wallpaper

1. Drop Cloths or Other Waterproof Floor Protection 

Cover your work area to ensure the floor is protected from possible spills. This can save you a lot of headaches as well as making sure you aren’t spending extra money on unnecessary repairs due to spills and accidents. If it’s your first time hanging wallpaper, this is a must.

For wallpaper installation and removal, non-skid canvas drop cloths are preferred. Plastic drop cloths can become slippery when wet with remover.

2. Step Ladder 

Unless you are 7’ tall, you will find a small step ladder to be indispensable in reaching the ceiling-adjacent wall area. For residential installs, a small podium ladder gives you a step up and a stable base to work from. For commercial installations or for higher ceilings, you may want a taller, 6-foot or 8-foot step ladder.

3. Piranha Removal Sponge

Whenever you are working with liquids, you will need a sponge, bucket and towels for cleanup. The Piranha Removal Sponge doubles as a wallpaper remover for those tough spots where nothing but elbow grease and determination will get the last piece of old wallpaper off the wall.

4. Piranha Scoring Tool

Before you can apply the wallpaper removal solution, you need to score the entire surface of the wallpaper. This tool will make tiny punctures in the paper that will allow the remover to reach the old paste and dissolve it without puncturing the face of the drywall and causing other problems.

5. Piranha Wallpaper Remover

After you have scored the entire surface of the wallpaper, spray the paper with wallpaper remover from ROMAN. Choose from Piranha Liquid Spray Wallpaper Remover, Piranha Gel Wallpaper Remover, or for larger jobs, choose Piranha Concentrate Wallpaper Remover.

6. Piranha Wallpaper Scraper

After the solution has soaked for 10-15 minutes, start removing old wallpaper with the scraper. The Piranha scraper has been designed with a perfectly honed blade set at the optimum angle for removing wallpaper without damaging the underlying drywall. In addition, it lays flat against the wall and has a roller on one end that allows you to easily move the scraper along the wall without tiring your wrist and forearm.

Tools Needed for Installing New Wallpaper

The following wallpaper installation tools will help you to complete the project with outstanding results. Once the old wallpaper has been removed, check for damage on the drywall before proceeding with the next steps. Before you prime the walls, the drywall or plaster needs to be clean and dry to ensure proper adhesion of the new wallcovering.

7. ROMAN Products Primers

Before applying adhesive to your wall you should always use a primer to obtain the best results. ROMAN Products PRO-999 Rx-35 Sealer is the number one choice of professionals for sealing and priming porous surfaces that have been previously covered by wallpaper. It is clear, and once dry, it will provide a slight tack to help with adhesion. It is also a great solution for priming over contractor’s flat paint, joint compound, damaged drywall and MDF board.

8. Snap-Blade Utility Knife

A quality snap-blade utility knife is a must-have tool in your arsenal of wallpaper hanging tools. Wallpaper will easily tear when cutting if your blade is dull and this type of knife gives you the ability to always have a fresh, sharp point when you need it.

9. Carpenter’s Levels And a Pencil

A 2-foot and 4-foot carpenter’s level will help you to hang your wallpaper straight every time. Hanging wallpaper is not a project that can be done by eye. Do your layout after the primer dries so your lines are visible as you install the wallcovering. 

10. Paint Pan, Rollers and Brushes

The best way to apply your primer is with a roller and brush, which allows you to cover a large area in the shortest amount of time. Cover the large open areas with a 9” roller and cover the small spaces with a brush. You can use these tools when applying the wallpaper adhesive, as well.

11. Wallpaper Adhesives

With your surface cleaned, primed, and marked for your layout, it is time to apply the adhesive. ROMAN Products carries adhesives for every type of wallpaper including vinyl, non-woven, grasscloth, and more. ROMAN PRO-880 Ultra-Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive is by far the most versatile wallpaper adhesive on the market, as evidenced by the fact that it is North America’s best-selling wallpaper adhesive.

12. Smoothing Tool

After you have placed your strip where you want it, use the ROMAN Products Wallpaper Smoothing Tool to remove the air bubbles trapped in the adhesive. It is designed with soft round edges to be gentle on wallpaper and has finger grips to fit your hand.

13. Seam Roller

You are almost done and the final step will be to use the ROMAN Products Wallpaper Seam Roller to seal the wallpaper seams and edges. This is a very important part of the process, since loose seams and edges can be a call-back nightmare if they are not handled properly the first time.

14. An All-in-One Removal Kit

If you are just getting started with replacing old wallpaper and installing a fresh look, then the Piranha Wallpaper Removal Kit contains the basic necessities to get you started. There is enough solution in the kit to remove up to 1,500 square feet of wallpaper and it also contains the scoring tool and scraper.

ROMAN Products Carries The Wallpaper Tools that People Use Everyday

We have been serving the professional wallpapering industry and the DIY segment for over 75 years and our products are available through most of the big box retailers. We know the business like the backs of our hands and we offer our expertise to you free of charge. On our website, you can find videos and PDFs showing in detail how the products are installed. We are also available by phone to answer your questions Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM CT. 

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