DIY Home Projects for 2023

Home improvement is a perennially popular activity for a lot of people across a broad range of income levels. In 2023, however, homeowners are tackling these pursuits with renewed enthusiasm. The COVID-19 crisis, which led to widespread supply chain disruptions and financial stresses, forced many homeowners to put their upgrade plans on the back burner—but that seems to be changing rapidly.

According to one study, the typical homeowner spent $8,484 on improving their domicile in 2022. These funds were spread across an average of 3.2 projects over the year. And what projects are these hardworking DIYers pursuing with their valuable time and money? There are too many to list. Some homeowners are content with painting the home exterior in a fresh new color. Others want a different type of carpeting. Still more are looking for extensive upgrades—a new fence, a complete bathroom remodel, an in-ground swimming pool for the backyard.

If you’re planning to embark on a DIY home improvement project, you need to ask yourself what you plan to get out of your efforts. Some people see their DIY projects for the home as an investment in the property that might significantly increase its resale value when it eventually hits the market. For many, though, it’s basically a fun leisure activity, a way to spend a few quiet Saturday afternoons engaging in easy home upgrades that make the place a little more fun to live in. Whatever you do, it’s best to conduct some research into your proposed project before you begin. Without proper planning, a “simple” DIY project can turn into a nightmare.

The ROMAN Products team has put together the following infographic that might help you decide on your next home improvement project and point the way to further exploration. Remember: If your project involves installing or removing wallpaper, you can always turn to ROMAN for the best adhesives, primers, and related products available today. We are here to help you bring your DIY wallpaper ideas to life.

2023 DIY Home Projects Infographic

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