How to Install Acoustical Wallcovering

The primary role of acoustical wallpaper (sometimes called “wall carpet”) is to minimize noise levels in a room. To this end, it is made from materials that can absorb sound: foam, fiberglass, vinyl, and certain types of fabrics are common options in acoustical wallcovering. These wallcoverings usually have a raised texture (called a nap) that dampens sound waves that would ordinarily reflect off the surface. This has the effect of lowering noise pollution and improving the acoustics of the room.

Where can you find acoustical wallcoverings? There are plenty of places where these materials are well suited. They can be used in commercial settings that attract crowds of people—such as hotels, bars, or restaurants—to reduce the overall noise generated by guests. It can also improve the quality of sound in venues where this is important for aesthetic reasons; recording studios and home theaters fall into this category. And it’s useful for practically any other space where peace and quiet is paramount, including libraries and bedrooms.

Because these wallcoverings are typically made of durable materials to promote sound absorption, they can last for years without deterioration or showing similar signs of aging, provided that they are installed properly. But that’s the key: taking the time to install your acoustic wallcovering can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Success in this task requires two things: the right products and the right wallcovering installation procedure. 

When it comes to installation accessories, ROMAN Products has you covered. Our inventory of high-grade wallcovering adhesives and primers has an option for virtually any kind of installation job, including acoustical materials. That’s what the following infographic is about. 

This infographic walks you through the steps for installing woven fabric acoustic wallcovering. Woven fabric is a very popular option for acoustical materials, as it is durable, effective at dampening sound waves, and available in a variety of visually appealing patterns. See below for more information on installing woven fabric acoustic panels for wall soundproofing.

ROMAN Products has the high-quality tools and adhesive, like PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear, to get a smooth and seamless wallcovering application.

Installing Acoustical Wallcoverings

How to Install Acoustical Wallcovering Infographic