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How to Wallpaper a Nursery

The nursery is a unique area of the home, not only in its function but its appearance as well. Everything about the nursery is geared

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How Climate Affects Wallpaper Installation

How-to guides about installing wallpaper tend to focus on the mechanical process of putting these coverings onto the wall—priming the surface, applying the adhesive, trimming the excess paper, and so on. One important consideration that is often overlooked, however, is the climate of the room, both during and after hanging the wallpaper. Climate actually plays a major role in the success (or failure) of your wallpaper installation.


DIY Home Projects for 2023

Home improvement is a perennially popular activity for a lot of people across a broad range of income levels. In 2023, however, homeowners are tackling these pursuits with renewed enthusiasm. The COVID-19 crisis, which led to widespread supply chain disruptions and financial stresses, forced many homeowners to put their upgrade plans on the back burner—but that seems to be changing rapidly.

How to Install Acoustical Wallcovering

The primary role of acoustical wallpaper (sometimes called “wall carpet”) is to minimize noise levels in a room. To this end, it is made from materials that can absorb sound: foam, fiberglass, vinyl, and certain types of fabrics are common options in acoustical wallcovering. These wallcoverings usually have a raised texture (called a nap) that dampens sound waves that would ordinarily reflect off the surface. This has the effect of lowering noise pollution and improving the acoustics of the room.

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Get Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

The end-of-year holidays are a busy time for most people. It’s not just because we’re all spending much of our disposable income on gifts for friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else we think is deserving of a visit from Santa Claus—there are usually a number of social get-togethers on the calendar as well. Some of these holiday festivities take place at our own homes.

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How to Install Wallpaper on Glass and Mirrors

Wallpaper has a wider range of uses than many people realize. It’s not just for walls; for instance, it can be installed in the rear of a kitchen cabinet to give the space a stylistic boost. Another area suitable for wallpaper is a mirror or glass surface in the home.

Clean bright bedroom with bed, duvet,side table, lamps,curtain, metal mirror, led indirect light and painted wallpaper on the ceiling.

How to Hang Wallpaper on a Ceiling

Wallpapering a ceiling sounds like a strange idea to some, but in fact this is a common home improvement option. By extending the wall designs across the ceiling, you can create a harmonious


How to Remove a Wallpaper Border

Many houses have a wallpaper border installed in one or more rooms. These colorfully patterned strips are often set near the ceiling, right below the crown molding

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Reasons for Wallpaper Peeling

How to Repair Peeling Wallpaper

Peeling wallpaper can be a frustrating and unsightly issue that disrupts the aesthetics of your home. Whether you’ve encountered small, isolated areas of peeling or