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Choosing the Best Wallpaper Paste

Wallpaper is a popular way for today’s homeowner and business owner to add beauty and charm to their homes and properties. The variety of materials, styles and patterns available creates limitless options to express your hidden interior design talents. There are many wallpaper paste options. Choosing the best paste for your wallpaper project will ensure a smooth and successful installation.

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Young man, worker is putting up wallpapers on the wall.

How Climate Affects Wallpaper Installation

How-to guides about installing wallpaper tend to focus on the mechanical process of putting these coverings onto the wall—priming the surface, applying the adhesive, trimming the excess paper, and so on. One important consideration that is often overlooked, however, is the climate of the room, both during and after hanging the wallpaper. Climate actually plays a major role in the success (or failure) of your wallpaper installation.


DIY Home Projects for 2023

Home improvement is a perennially popular activity for a lot of people across a broad range of income levels. In 2023, however, homeowners are tackling these pursuits with renewed enthusiasm. The COVID-19 crisis, which led to widespread supply chain disruptions and financial stresses, forced many homeowners to put their upgrade plans on the back burner—but that seems to be changing rapidly.

How to Install Acoustical Wallcovering

The primary role of acoustical wallpaper (sometimes called “wall carpet”) is to minimize noise levels in a room. To this end, it is made from materials that can absorb sound: foam, fiberglass, vinyl, and certain types of fabrics are common options in acoustical wallcovering. These wallcoverings usually have a raised texture (called a nap) that dampens sound waves that would ordinarily reflect off the surface. This has the effect of lowering noise pollution and improving the acoustics of the room.