Install Wallpaper

Man Applying Clear Wallcovering Adhesive on Wallpaper

Benefits of ROMAN’s ECO Wallcovering Primer and Adhesives

Preparing for a wallcovering installation includes selecting the right primer and adhesive, but what often gets overlooked during this process is the value of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Some products used for wallpaper installation, like solvent-based primers, can emit harmful VOCs that may pose a health risk to people in the application area. These risks …

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man measuring the wall paper for the wall

What Wallpaper Primer Should I Use for My Project?

One of the most important aspects of a wallpaper project is using the correct primer or sealer. This selection can vary depending on the surface you plan to hang wallpaper on. For glass and tile, you may opt for an adhesion-promoting primer that improves bonding on sealed walls. For painted walls and drywall, a high-quality pigmented primer provides a durable base for new wallpaper.


How To Repair Damaged Wallpaper

Wallpaper has long been a favorite design element to bring elegance to a room and grab your attention. Unfortunately, as it gets older, damage can occur and what was once beautiful has now become an eyesore. We’ll show you how to repair the most common types of wallpaper damage, like curling corners, bubbles, and opening seams.