How to Hang the First Strip of Wallpaper

Using a pencil and level, draw a light line down the wall (plumb line). This line will be the starting point for hanging. Be sure not to make the mark too dark, otherwise it may show through lighter colored papers. Once the wall is marked gather the paper you’ve set aside for booking. Take your paper and gently unfurl it. Place the paper to wall and begin sliding it into position. The wallpaper paste and primer will provide “slip” allowing the wallpaper to slide across the wall. Work from the ceiling down, smoothing out the paper as it is positioned. Be sure to smooth out the paper gently, to ensure excess paste isn’t squeezed out. Once the wallpaper is adhered to the wall and any bubbles have been smoothed out, trim any excess wallpaper with a trim guide and snap blade knife. Wash away any excess paste with a damp sponge.