How to Hang Wallpaper around a Bathroom Sink

Before you even place the first piece of wallpaper, take a moment to plan your installation. If you are installing a patterned wallpaper, mark a placement that centers the faucet in the wallpaper design. Be sure to mark your vertical plumb lines to ensure an accurate position.

Apply your wallpaper above the sink, smoothing it out from the ceiling toward the floor. Be sure to align the wallpaper’s edges with your plumb lines. Once the paper is in position, trim any excess from the top. Use a fresh blade to ensure a sharp cut.

Relief Cuts

As you near the sink, you will need to make several relief cuts.  These relief cuts will help in wrapping the paper around the sink. You may need to reposition your folded wallpaper to safeguard against cutting through both layers.

Once the wallpaper is smoothed tightly to the sink edge, begin with a rough horizontal cut about 1-inch from the wall. As you near the edge of the sink, make several small relief cuts to wrap the paper around to the bottom. Additional relief cuts can be made along the sink edge and wall to help the wallpaper fit tightly along the edge. If possible, use a putty knife to tuck some of the wallpaper behind the sink. Then, using a sharp blade, slowly trim the excess paper along the sink. Once the paper has fully dried, apply a thin bead of clear silicone caulk along the edge.