How to Patch Damaged Wallpaper

Tools Needed

Begin by positioning a piece of extra wall covering over the area that requires patching. Match the pattern and roughly cut out a small section to be used as the patch. Then secure the patch piece to the existing wallpaper using tape or push pins. Double check the patch to ensure it is large enough to cover the damaged area.
With the patch in place, use a sharp blade to cut out a section around the damage. Be sure to cut through both the patch and the existing wallcovering. Try not to cut too deeply into the drywall underneath then set aside your patch for later. Remove the cut section and clean up any rough edges. Check to ensure your patch will fit properly, then apply a light coat of wallpaper paste to the patch area. Apply the patch and smooth out the area. Wipe away any excess paste with a damp rag or sponge.