How to remove fabric backed wallpaper

Is fabric wallpaper removable? The short answer is yes, but the steps for removing it may vary. 

Fabric-backed wallpaper is the strongest, most durable type of wallcovering. It’s a popular choice when you want wallpaper that is long-lasting, cleans easily, and won’t scratch or tear.. When installed over a primed wall with strippable adhesive, fabric-backed wallcovering is a breeze to remove. 

To remove wallpaper with fabric, first look for a seam. Then take a putty knife and try to gently slide it underneath the wallpaper to turn up a corner. Once you’ve gotten a corner started, gently pull down on the wallpaper with two hands. 

If it comes off easily, continue to pull down until you have removed the entire sheet. Repeat the process for the entire area. 

If the wallpaper doesn’t come off easily or tears during the removal process, you may need to use a scoring tool and wallpaper remover. A scoring tool makes tiny cuts in the wallpaper fabric. This allows the wallpaper remover solution to absorb into the wallpaper for easier removal. 

After scoring the section of wallpaper you plan to remove, apply the remover solution or gel, following the instructions on the package. 

Allow the wallcovering removal solution to sit for the specified amount of time, then use a putty knife or box cutter to get an edge started. Remove the wallpaper by gently pulling down with both hands. If the wallpaper sticks in one area, apply more wallpaper remover to that area, allow it to soak in, and try again. 

Note that fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper is typically sturdier than solid vinyl wallpaper. Wallpaper with fabric is commercial grade and usually doesn’t tear, whereas solid vinyl paper may tear. 

If any glue residue remains on the wall after you have removed the wallpaper, gently scour it off using a dilution of water and wallpaper remover solution. Allow the wall to dry completely before painting or applying new wallpaper. 

Here is a list of basic tools you’ll need to remove wallpaper: 

  • Wallpaper removal solution
  • Wallpaper scoring tool
  • Rubber gloves
  • Pump sprayer
  • Scouring sponge
  • 3-gallon bucket (optional) 

ROMAN Products has everything you need for fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper removal. Our wallpaper removers contain proprietary surfactant formulations that soak in to help break the bond between wallcoverings and walls, for a more convenient removal process. 

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