How to Remove Vinyl Wallpaper

Removing old vinyl wallpaper can often be a difficult and messy job. However, with the right tools and little know-how, you’ll be able to tackle any removal job with confidence.


Start by perforating the wallpaper with a Piranha Scoring Tool. Many commonly used wallpapers are either solid vinyl or vinyl coated. These coatings protect the wallpaper and increase durability. This resilience to stains and dirt is great when the wallpaper is up, but when it’s time to redecorate, these coatings can make it difficult to saturate the wallpaper for removal. Using a scoring tool to perforate the wallpaper allows the remover solution to penetrate and soak into the backing paper.

Scoring Tips:

  • Use a circular motion and light pressure.
  • Too much pressure can damage the tool as well as the drywall.


Once the wallpaper has been well scored, apply a generous amount wallpaper remover. Keep the walls well saturated and allow 10 – 15 minutes for the paste to break down before scraping.

For large removal jobs, we recommend using a concentrated solution like ROMAN’s PRO-466 Concentrate or Piranha Concentrate Remover. These formulations can make a large amount of professional strength remover, ideal for tackling large projects.

For removal projects above cabinets or appliances, we recommend using ROMAN’s PRO-458 Gel Spray or Piranha Gel Remover. These clinging gels won’t run down the wall and can help cut down on the mess.

Spraying Tips

  • Put down an absorbent drop cloth before applying remover. ROMAN’s wallpaper removers are non-staining, but removing wallpaper can be a messy job.
  • Turn off the electricity to the room and cover electrical outlets.
  • Use a pump spray to easily saturate large areas with remover.
  • Keep the wallpaper well saturated and reapply the removal solution frequently.
  • Wait 10 – 15 minutes before scraping.


With the wall well saturated, begin scraping the wallpaper from the wall. We recommend using the Piranha Scraper to remove the wallpaper. The Piranha scraper has a perfectly honed blade, preset at the optimum angle to lift away wallpaper without damaging walls.

Start at a seam and work your way down from the ceiling. If removal is difficult, apply some additional remover solution and wait a few minutes for the wallpaper paste to break down. Once the wallpaper is fully removed, wash the walls with clean water.

Scraping Tips

  • Keep the wall well saturated when removing the wallpaper.

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