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主な施工実績 Marina Bay Sands マリーナベイ・サンズ (シンガポール) Product Used:eco888 Clear Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive GRAN DESTINO TOWER AT DISNEY CORONADO SPRINGS マリーナベイ・サンズ (シンガポール) Product Used:PRO-774 Clay Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive University of Northern Colorado ノーザン・コロラド大学 (アメリカ) Products Used:ROMAN Clay Wallpaper AdhesiveReal Wood Veneer Wallcoverings Waldorf Astoria Hotel – Kuwait City ウォルドーフ・アストリアホテル (クウェート) Product Used:ROMAN Wallcovering Adhesive Bellagio Fountains […]

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man measuring the wall paper for the wall

What Wallpaper Primer Should I Use for My Project?

One of the most important aspects of a wallpaper project is using the correct primer or sealer. This selection can vary depending on the surface you plan to hang wallpaper on. For glass and tile, you may opt for an adhesion-promoting primer that improves bonding on sealed walls. For painted walls and drywall, a high-quality pigmented primer provides a durable base for new wallpaper.

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Clear Wallcovering Adhesives

ROMAN’s assortment of clear wallcovering adhesives are ideal for DIYers as well as professional wallcovering installers. These adhesives provide exceptional tack, extended open-time, and clean up easily with water. They can be applied with a paint roller, brush or pasting machine. All ROMAN adhesives contain biocides to help resist the growth of mold and mildew

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Wallcovering Adhesives

WALLCOVERING ADHESIVES ROMAN offers a wide variety of wallpaper adhesives for every type of project. Choosing the correct adhesive for the job can be difficult for even the most experienced professional installer.  Each kind of wallpaper glue offers a different set of features and benefits. Some are designed to strip easily when it’s time to

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Green Initiatives & Projects

Green Decorating Green decorating is effective and easy with wallcovering installation. For sustainability and green initiatives, choose wallcoverings for décor and enviro-friendly wallpaper products from ROMAN. Wallcoverings are an extremely sustainable solution for green decorating, as they last an average of ten to fifteen years or more, which is significantly longer than most paints.  Additionally,

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