PIRANHA™ Wallpaper Removal Kit

The Piranha Wallpaper Removal Kit has all the necessary tools to strip wallpaper fast. The concentrate remover is ideal for stripping large quantities of wallpaper. The scoring tool is designed to perforate wallpaper without damaging the drywall underneath. The wallpaper scraper designed to lift wallpaper from the wall, while gliding across the surface to prevent gouging.


Recommended Uses

  • Remove wallpaper with this convenient 3 piece kit

Key Features

  • Includes 32-oz wallpaper remover concentrate, wallpaper scoring tool, and wallpaper scraper
  • Concentrate makes enough remover to strip 1500 square feet of wallpaper.
  • Easy to grip scoring tool perforates wallpaper without damaging the drywall
  • Powerful concentrate formula penetrates and breaks paste down fast
  • VOC (Actual): < 1% as applied
  • VOC (Regulatory): < 5 g/l as applied

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How-To Remove Wallpaper

Score Wallpaper

Using a scoring tool, perforate the wallpaper to allow remover solution to penetrate and break down paste. Use light pressure only – too much pressure may damage the wall surface under the wallpaper.


Mix 6 ounces of remover concentrate into 1 gallon of hot water (120 F.) One gallon of remover will strip up to 300 square feet of wallpaper.

Apply Remover

Spray or sponge remover onto the wall, saturating the wallpaper well. Let the removal solution soak in for 15 minutes before scraping. Be sure to work a section at a time and keep the area well saturated.


Working from the ceiling down, scrape the wallpaper from the wall. Reapply remover as needed. After the wallpaper has been removed, rinse the wall with clean water and dry.

Limited Warranty

Roman Products, LLC warrants that it will replace this product free of charge, if, within 12 months of manufacture, it is found to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty is in lieu of any other. The exclusive remedy is limited to the replacement of the product and Roman disclaims all liability for consequential, punitive, and special damages. Conditions of use are beyond our control.


Product Type Wallpaper Removal Kit
Coverage 300 square feet per gallon. 1,500 square feet total.
Color Clear
Inerior/Exterior Interior
Width (in.) 10.00
Height (in.) 12.00
Depth (in.) 2.50
Weight (lbs.) 3.00

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