Wallpaper Calculator

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?

Estimating the exact amount of wallpaper you need for a project can be tricky. The amount of useable material can vary depending on the pattern repeat. Larger pattern repeats tend to create more waste, resulting in less useable material per roll. Our simple calculator takes pattern repeat into account to better estimate the amount of wallpaper needed for your next project.

If you are planning to install wallpaper on walls with a more complex shape, we recommend consulting a professional wallpaper installer for help.

Pattern Repeat
Measuring a Pattern Repeat
This wallpaper calculator is for estimation purposes only. Calculator assumes a standard double roll size of 21-inches by 33-feet with a straight across match. Actual sizes are subject to variation depending on wallcovering manufacturer. ROMAN is not responsible for any overage or shortage based on the above calculator’s estimations. We recommend consulting a professional wallcovering installer before purchasing wallpaper.

Double Roll

A single bolt of wallpaper measuring twice as long as a single roll. Typically measures approximately 21-inches wide by 33-feet long (56 square feet total.)

Wallpaper packaged as a double roll yields more usable material with less waste. For example, a standard single roll measuring 16.5-feet would only yield enough material for a single 8-foot drop when allowing for a 3-inch excess for trimming at the ceiling and floor.

Most manufacturers sell wallpaper packaged as a double roll.