Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Typically, wallpaper manufacturer’s will include a wallpaper adhesive recommendation in their hanging instructions. In the event your wallpaper doesn’t recommend a particular paste, or if you simply don’t have any instructions to refer to, ROMAN’s PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable is a good choice for most installations.

Strippable adhesives are formulated to allow wallpaper to removed cleanly from the wall in full sheets with little or no damage to the drywall. Strippable ROMAN adhesives include PRO-880 Ultra Clear and PRO-774 Clay Strippable

Ensuring your wall surface is properly prepared for wallpaper will help with the initial installation as well as future removal. For new drywall and painted walls, a primer like PRO-977 Ultra Prime is ideal. PRO-977 is a white, water-based wallpaper primer that dries to a hard, matte finish creating a durable surface that’s ideal for new wallpaper. Priming will also improve ‘slip’ to help with moving and positioning wallpaper during installation. When it’s time to redecorate, a properly primed wall will allow wallpaper to be removed more easily and with less damage to walls.

In most cases, your wallpaper’s instruction sheet will recommend that you either paste the wall or paste the paper. If you don’t have any instructions to refer to, it’s always safest to paste the paper and book it before hanging. For a full explanation on the differences between these two methods, please read our article: Paste the Paper vs. Paste the Wall Installation.

ROMAN recommends using a 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch nap paint roller to ensure a thin, even coat of adhesive is applied. A paint brush can also be used in along corners, or to make repairs. All ROMAN adhesives can be cleaned easily with water while still wet.

Most wallpaper manufacturers recommend booking for 3-5 minutes before hanging. This booking time allows wallpaper to absorb moisture from the paste and expand. If wallpaper is hung without booking, the paper may expand on the wall creating wrinkles, bubbles, or issues at the seams. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for your paper's recommended booking time.

All ROMAN products contain biocides for in-can preservation. ROMAN products will not kill any existing mold and mildew present on the wall surface.

ROMAN warranties products for one (1) year following the date of manufacture. For most products, the manufacture date is printed on the back of pail near the bottom. For our 5-Gallon products, the manufacture date is listed on a sticker applied to the back of the pail. Be sure to store your ROMAN products in a cool, dry place, and keep them from freezing.

ROMAN does not endorse the use of any product in an installation that does not meet a Class A fire rating or applicable codes. If a ROMAN product is used to hang a layer of wallpaper over an existing wallpaper, it is unlikely to meet these standards. It is always best to remove existing wallpaper before hanging new wallpaper.

ROMAN products are not recommended for exterior use.

If you have any additional product questions not addresses above, please Contact Us.