Wallcovering Adhesives


ROMAN offers a wide variety of adhesives for every type of project. Choosing the correct adhesive for the job can be difficult for even the most experienced professional installer. Each kind of wallpaper paste offers a different set of features and benefits. Some are designed to strip easily when it’s time to redecorate. Others are formulated to hang heavyweight materials like wall carpets and wood veneers. Understanding what features are most important for your project will help you make an educated adhesive selection.

WHICH ADHESIVE IS RIGHT FOR MYMan pouring PRO-880 Ultra Clear Wallpaper Paste WALLCOVERING?

First, check if the wallcovering manufacturer recommends a particular type of adhesive. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when available. Then consider what features are most important for your project. Some examples of the questions we ask, and the recommended pastes are listed below:

  • Does the wallpaper need to strip easily when it’s time to redecorate?

PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable or PRO-774 Clay Strippable

  • Is this a heavyweight wallcovering that needs a heavy-duty adhesive?

PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear or PRO-732 Extra Strength Clay

  • Is sustainability and indoor air quality of top importance?

ECO-888 Clear Strippable or ECO-788 Clay Strippable

Still not sure which paste is right for your job? Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Also, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some of our more common questions. We are happy to help make sure your installation is a success.

Wallpaper Terms to Know


  • Strippable adhesives are formulated to make removal easier, with less damage. These adhesives are designed to dry with tiny fracture points that allow the wallcovering to strip from the wall without tearing the underlying drywall.


  • Open-time describes how much working time is available until the paste dries out. A long open-time allows for multiple adjustments and repositioning.


  • Tack describes the initial stickiness of an adhesive. Wallcovering pastes with high wet-tack are ideal for installing heavier weight wallcoverings.


  • Slip describes the ability to slide a wallcovering into position. All of ROMAN’s wallcovering adhesives promote slip allowing for easier pattern matching.

Be confident with your adhesive selection, go with the pros and choose ROMAN, the No. 1 Contractor Brand