Bedroom Wallpaper - Roman Products
Wallpaper Makes a Dramatic Comeback

Designer Jamie Herzlinger chose a metallic paint design on colored wallpaper to create a dramatic look in this contemporary guest bedroom. To balance the space, she chose a neutral, solid headboard and accessories. Add fresh flowers in a feminine vase to soften the look and bring a smile to guests faces, she suggests.

Brewster Wallcovering - Wallpaper Adhesives
Baby Blues & Wall Murals – Spring Trends

Per Brewster Home: “As people begin to dip their toes into color after a long era of neutral home design, baby blue is making a comeback. Baby blue is a great option for transitioning into more colorful design while maintaining the soothing look of neutral hues. ” Wallpaper can make such a statement, and easily with Roman Wallpaper Adhesives.

Graham&Brown - Roman Wallpaper Adhesive
Inspiring Walls with Texture

Add a little bit of texture to your walls this spring with new wallpaper collections highlighted in Graham & Brown’s Loving Home. All inspired by a creative fusion of natural materials and man-made structures.  “The luscious labyrinth design boasts twists and turns of natural forms and colour you are sure to get lost in”.

Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper + Roman Adhesives
Create Your Own Wallcovering!

Did you know that Phillip Jeffries offers a CREATE YOUR OWN wallpaper for submitted artwork? Helping creators create, dream up a design and plan to use ROMAN adhesives for your project – commercial or residential!

25 (Almost!) Free Kitchen Updates

Long ago, HGTV re-embraced wallpaper and regularly shares amazing ideas to update your home using a splash of wallpaper — especially in a concentrated dose. Wallpaper can add an exciting POP of color and won’t break the bank. Using Roman adhesives during installation, ensures an install guaranteed to last!

Wood Wallcoverings with Roman
Wood for Wallcoverings

The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing positive social interactions.

Remodeling with Roman
5 Home Improvement Trends

Remodeling? Enjoy 5 trends from ProBuilder & NerdWallet: “A year out from the start of the pandemic, many home improvement projects will likely be focused on lessons learned from our time indoors.”

Beautiful Baths

Looking to freshen up a bathroom? York Wall offers absolutely amazing options for updating any room. Our products work perfectly with these wall coverings. Peruse our line of adhesives and application tools appropriate for application.