Team Member Testimonials

Meet some of our team members and see what they have to say about working for ROMAN:

"There is always something new to learn. I enjoy working with my co-workers. ROMAN Products is like my second family. I am proud of all the new formulations that I helped batch. I think people stay with ROMAN Products because of the steady work, dayshift hours, and the culture. My vacation time has also allowed me to take time off to visit my family in Mexico."
Guillermo Garcia
Batchmaker – 40 years
“Working for ROMAN Products has provided me to move forward in life not only financially, but also to be a part of my family’s life on the weekend. One of my proudest moments was when they trusted and trained me to become a Machine Operator. Over the years, I am proud to how far I’ve come and how I continue to take on new tasks.”
Maria Elena Barrera Pintor
Machine Operator - 25 years
“What I enjoy most about ROMAN Products is my co-workers, hours, holidays, and the weekends off. ROMAN has influenced my life by providing a decent vehicle, steady income to support myself and my family. I am most proud of working with my co-workers and making the wallcovering primer for customers.”
Frank Ballard
Batchmaker – 20 years
"ROMAN has provided me the opportunity to develop my professional skills and advance my career. I started working for ROMAN as an intern after graduating from college. In my time at ROMAN, I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of exciting projects. One of my favorite projects allowed me travel across Colorado, visiting paint stores to support the launch of a new ROMAN product. These projects provide the challenges that help keep work interesting."
Jason Krajci
E-Commerce Manager – 10 years