Specialty Wallcovering Adhesives

Specialty Wallcovering Adhesives


ROMAN’s assortment of specialty wallcovering adhesives offer solutions for installations not suitable for clear or clay adhesives. Our specialty adhesives use innovative formulas to tackle a variety of unique wallcovering installation problems. All ROMAN adhesives contain biocides to help resist the growth of mold and mildew in the pail and on the adhesive film.

With a variety of specialty adhesives to choose from, ROMAN has the ideal adhesive for your job. Our lineup of specialty adhesives includes:

  • PRO-555 Extreme Tack: For applying new vinyl wallcovering over surfaces where added adhesion is required. Creates a strong, permanent bond.
  • PRO-543 Universal Wallpaper and Border Adhesive: For hanging borders, lightweight and medium-weight wallcovering on sealed, painted surfaces.
  • PRO-505 TEKNAgrip Pre-Pasted Activator: For installing pre-pasted wallpaper. PRO-505 eliminates the need for messy water trays and can be applied like traditional wallpaper paste.
  • GH-34 Wheat-Based Paste for Unpasted Wallpaper: For hanging specialty wallcoverings such as English style pulp papers, grasscloth, and stringcloth.
  • ROMAN Seam Repair: For repairing loose or open wallpaper seams.
  • TEKNAbond Multipurpose Wall Size/Paste (Dry Mix): For use as a wall size, or for hanging pre-pasted and lightweight wallpaper.
  • Universal Wheat Wallpaper Paste (Dry Mix): For hanging lightweight or pre-pasted wallpaper. Also ideal for craft projects, such as papier-mâché.

Be confident with your adhesive selection, go with the pros and choose ROMAN, the No. 1 Contractor Brand.


First, check if the wallcovering manufacturer recommends a particular type of adhesive. Always follow the manufacturer’s adhesive recommendations when available. Then ask yourself what qualities are most important. Some examples of the questions we ask, and the recommended adhesive are listed below:

  • Are you installing a border or lightweight residential wallpaper?

PRO-543 Universal Wallpaper and Border Adhesive

  • Do you need extra adhesion for a difficult to adhere to surface?

PRO-555 Extreme Tack

  • Are you hanging pre-pasted wallpaper and don’t want the mess of a water tray?

PRO-505 TEKNAgrip Pre-pasted Activator

  • Does your wallpaper call for a wheat-based adhesive?

GH-34 Wheat-Based Paste for Unpasted Wallpaper 

  • Do you need to make a small repair on a loose seam?

ROMAN Seam Repair

  • Do you prefer to use a dry mix adhesive?

TEKNAbond Multipurpose Wall Size/Paste (Dry Mix) or Universal Wheat Wallpaper Paste (Dry Mix)

Still not sure which paste is right for your job? Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We are happy to help make sure your installation is a success.