Wallpaper Removers

Wallpaper Removers

Piranha-Liquid-Spray-In-UseWallpaper removers help make wallcovering removal quick and easy for a simpler redecorating process. Whether you need to remove a border or a whole building full of wallpaper, our premium-grade wallpaper removers are here to help. Using proprietary surfactant formulations, ROMAN Products wallpaper removers soak in to help remove the bond between wallcoverings and walls for a more convenient removal process. 

Wallcovering removers use surfactants to help dissolve adhesives and speed up the wallpaper removal process. There are a few types of products that will help you remove wallcoverings in your home or in commercial spaces. Homeowners and contractors alike love ROMAN wallpaper removers for the ease and convenience they offer for the wallcovering removal process.

Gel wallpaper removers cling to walls to help break up adhesives underneath the surface of wallcoverings. These products evaporate slowly to help reduce the need for re-applications. Simply allow gel wallcovering removers to sit and make removing wallpaper and paste a snap. ROMAN Products gel wallpaper removers include:

  • PIRANHA Gel Ready-to-Use Wallpaper and Paste Remover
  • PRO 458 Gel Spray Ready-to-Use Wallpaper and Paste Remover

Liquid and concentrate wallcovering removers allow for quick penetration to help remove wallpaper and wallcoverings easily. Concentrate formulations are perfect for removing large quantities of wallpaper and are an economical choice for contractors and wallcovering removal professionals. Consider using ROMAN wallpaper removers for your next project, such as:

  • PIRANHA Liquid Ready-to-Use Wallpaper and Paste Remover
  • PIRANHA Wallpaper and Paste Remover Concentrate
  • PRO-466 Wallpaper and Paste Remover Concentrate

At ROMAN Products, we are the number one source for wallpaper adhesives, which makes us the perfect people to provide tie-saving removing products. Our special removal formulations are designed to help you remove even the strongest wallcoverings and pastes so you can easily redecorate. As the industry-leading provider of wallcovering primers, pastes, and removers, we provide innovative products for DIY-ers and contractors alike. Our goal is to provide you with the high-quality products you need to create the space of your dreams.

How to Remove Wallcoverings

When removing wallcoverings, it’s important to keep in mind that different types of wallcoverings may require different steps. However, our wallcovering removers help loosen adhesive and glue to assist with the removal process. Using a scoring tool, you will need to create small punctures in the wallcovering to allow the wallpaper remover to penetrate the wallpaper. Then, spray the wallcovering remover of your choice, whether gel or liquid, to saturate the wall where the wallcovering is. Allow the remover to soak for approximately 15 minutes to allow it to break down the wallpaper paste before scraping off wallcoverings or scrubbing leftover paste with a specialty wallpaper removal sponge. Once you’ve fully removed the wallcoverings and residual paste, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the wall to dry completely. After your walls are dry, you’re ready to install new wallcoverings with ROMAN installation products, from primers to adhesives.