Specialty Adhesives

ROMAN’s assortment of specialty adhesives deliver exceptional performance for the most demanding projects. Designed to bond a variety of materials and substrates, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, and more.

PRO-510 Multi-Purpose Advanced Construction Adhesive

PRO-510 delivers unmatched performance, offering rapid tack development and easy application for a hassle-free installation experience. Ideal for use with a variety of materials including FRP, wood, plastic, laminate, metal, concrete, and more. The adhesive can be applied easily with a paint roller, trowel or spraying system and is VOC-compliant, nonflammable, and low odor.

PRO-515 Ultra All-Purpose, All-Surface Construction Adhesive

PRO-515 Ultra is a specialty, high-performance MS Polymer Construction Adhesive and Sealant for projects requiring a low viscosity, high grab adhesive. Ideal for both interior and exterior use, PRO-515 Ultra combines the best features of silicones and polyurethanes to create a rapid, moisture-curing adhesive for porous and non-porous materials.