Choosing the Best Wallpaper Removal Tools

No matter how badly you want to replace the wallpaper in the bathroom, you know you have to remove the old paper first, and taking down the old wallpaper can seem like a daunting task. Attacking the old wallpaper with just a sponge and putty knife will make you wish you never started the project. Without the right wallpaper removal tools, the job can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

Removing wallpaper can be accomplished quickly and efficiently if you use the proper tools. The goal of removing wallpaper is to end up with a perfectly clean wall that is ready for your new wallcovering or fresh paint. The process is straightforward:

  1. Lay down drop cloths to protect floors and furniture
  2. Remove all outlet and switch covers, and switch off power to the room
  3. Score the entire surface of the wallpaper
  4. Apply a liberal amount of wallpaper remover
  5. Allow the remover to soak and break down paste for 10 – 15 minutes
  6. Remove the old wallpaper

This guide features the various tools needed to remove wallpaper that will help you obtain professional results every time.

The Top Tools For Removing Wallpaper

Using the right wallpaper removal tools will make the job easier for both beginners and pros alike. The bottom line is that you have to loosen and remove the old adhesive that is holding the wallpaper secure in order for it to come off easily. ROMAN Products has the tools needed for great results regardless of your skill level. The full assortment of Piranha wallpaper removers and tools is stocked at most Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and online at Amazon and The Home Depot.

Wallpaper Remover

Depending on the size of the project you are tackling and the type of wallpaper you are trying to remove, there are different wallpaper removal solutions available from ROMAN Products: liquids, concentrates, and gels.


ROMAN LIQUID SPRAY WALLPAPER REMOVER. This product is available in both a quart and gallon size and comes with a built-in sprayer to direct the spray just where you need it. It is professional strength and will remove wallpaper and the most stubborn paste residue. It’s easy to use, has a fresh scent and is non-staining.


ROMAN CONCENTRATE WALLPAPER REMOVER. Our concentrate has the same professional strength as the handy quart and gallon size but will yield 20 times the amount of usable remover. One gallon yields 20 gallons of solution and one quart yields 5 gallons of solution. This product is economical to use, easy to transport, is non-staining and has a pleasing scent.


ROMAN GEL WALLPAPER REMOVER. The main advantage of using a gel over a liquid is that the gel will cling to the wall better, concentrating the active ingredients on the paste you are trying to remove instead of dripping off. The gel will stay wet longer and evaporates slowly so it will remain active longer. Piranha gel has the same professional strength as the other wall paper removal solutions, and it has a fresh scent and is non-staining.

For small jobs, the gel formula is available in quart and gallon sizes that can be sprayed directly from the container on to the wall making it easy to use and helping you get the job done faster.

Hand Tools For Removing Wallpaper

A successful wallpaper removal project requires both a wallpaper removal solution and the right hand tools to get the job done. ROMAN Products has everything you need to remove old wallpaper and install a fresh wallcovering.

A Scoring Tool

The ROMAN Products ROMAN SCORING TOOL is a wallpaper perforating tool that will punch tiny holes in the wallpaper, allowing the remover solution to penetrate to the paste on the back of the old wallcovering. The tool is unique in that it has a ergonomic oval shape with a no-slip rubber grip and rolling steel blades that never need sharpening and are pre-set to ensure that only the wall covering is pierced and not the drywall.

A Removal Sponge

After applying the wallpaper removal solution, you can spread it around to ensure that you get complete coverage with the PIRANHA™ REMOVAL SPONGE. This sponge has been specially designed to apply remover and wallpaper paste as well as assist in removing the old paste. Use the yellow side to spread the remover and the green side to scrape off stubborn paste and wallpaper remnants.

A Wallpaper Scraper

Once the solution has loosened the old adhesive, you will need the proper equipment to peel back the old paper and remove any stubborn areas. The tool for this task is the ROMAN WALLPAPER SCRAPER. It is not a fancy putty knife, but a custom made tool that has a blade pre-set at the optimum angle to remove wallpaper without damaging the drywall beneath it. It has a built-in roller for easy use and a soft ergonomic handle that reduces stress on your hand and forearm.

Using The Wallpaper Stripping Tools And Solutions

Once you have gathered all of the tools you need, it’s time to get started. The steps to follow are simple:

  1. Protect the floors and furniture with tarps or other coverings.
  2. Turn off electrical power to the room you are working on.
  3. Remove all switch and outlet plates.
  4. Use light pressure with the Piranha Scoring tool to perforate every part of the wall covering you are going to remove.
  5. Follow the instructions and cover the area with the appropriate ROMAN Products Wallpaper Removal Solution.
  6. Using the Piranha Wallpaper Scraper, remove all the wall covering and dispose of it properly.

Some wall coverings — such as vinyl wallpaper — may come off in 2 steps. The top layer may come off and leave the paper backing still attached to the wall. This is not a problem. Simply reapply the wall paper solution to the backing, wait the appropriate time for the solution to do its job and the backing paper can be removed easily.

ROMAN Products is the No. 1 Choice For Contractors

Serving the professional and DIY community for over 75 years, we know what is required to achieve excellent results on every wallpaper project. We have the adhesives, removers, primers, tools and eco-friendly products that are demanded in this industry. 

Contact us today for advice on installing or removing wallpaper or visit our website for helpful videos and data sheets that will keep your project moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you soon!