Modern Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper


Floral wallpaper features patterns or designs inspired by flowers and plants. It is a popular choice for adding a touch of nature and elegance to interior spaces. Floral wallpaper can be found in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, allowing for versatile design options.

The patterns on floral wallpaper can vary greatly, ranging from realistic and detailed depictions of flowers to more abstract or stylized representations. Some floral wallpapers showcase a single type of flower or plant, while others may feature a mix of different flowers arranged in a repeating pattern. The color palette can be vibrant and bold, with rich hues of red, yellow, blue, and green, or it can be more subdued and pastel for a softer and delicate look.

Floral wallpaper can be used in various rooms and settings. It is commonly found in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms, as it adds a refreshing and natural atmosphere to the space. Depending on the design and color scheme, floral wallpaper can create different moods and evoke various styles, from traditional and vintage to modern and eclectic.

In short, you have plenty of options when it comes to installing modern floral wallpaper in your home—too many options, it may seem. Whether you want to install some modern wallpaper for the bedroom, or elegantly flowered wallpaper for walls in the living room, there’s seemingly no end to the range of coverings out there.

ROMAN Products has some ideas on how you can take advantage of this growing trend in contemporary wallpaper design. The following infographic offers a handful of suggestions for installing floral wallpaper around the home in a way that shows off the unique style of these wallcoverings.

Remember, one of the keys to a successful wallpaper installation is using high-quality accessories that are suited to the type of wallcovering you have and the surface it will be hung on. You can always rely on ROMAN Products for the best wallpaper primers, adhesives, removers, and accessories on the market today.

Modern Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper Infographic

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