Wallpaper Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

A restaurant with a colorful mural on the wall

When it comes to the hospitality industry, décor speaks volumes. It’s the first impression visitors have of the facilities, and it can set the mood for their entire experience at the site. Whether it’s a luxurious hotel, a cozy restaurant, or a bustling bar, the choice of wall design can significantly enhance or detract from the atmosphere. This is why careful selection of wallpaper is important.

As you might expect, ROMAN Products has some design ideas for elevating these spaces. We present the following as suggestions to consider when selecting wallpaper for your hospitality business.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Choosing wallpaper over paint isn’t just a matter of aesthetic preference. It offers distinct advantages that make it a superior choice for hospitality spaces:

  • Durability – Wallpaper, especially vinyl types, can stand up to the hustle and bustle of high-traffic areas in the hospitality sector. It resists scrapes and scuffs, and it’s often washable as well.
  • Diverse Designs – With wallpaper, the design options are virtually endless. From intricate patterns to bold statements, there’s a design for practically every theme or concept.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Wallpapered walls are easier to clean compared to painted ones. In general, wallpaper can simply be wiped down with water and mild soap.

Not all wallpaper is alike, however. It’s vital to select wallpaper that can complement the ambiance and functional needs of the space where it is to be installed. Let’s look at key design considerations for specific types of hospitality spaces.

Design Tips for Hotels

Classic vintage table lamp glowing on wallpaper background black and gold color

Creating an inviting aura in hotels begins with taking stock of the space, the guests it serves, and the experience it hopes to offer. Wallpaper plays a major role in creating ambiance. Here are some wallpaper design tips tailored for hotels:

  • Sophistication – For luxury hotels targeting upscale clientele, patterns should radiate sophistication. Consider designs with soft, muted colors; these can be complemented by metallic or velvety textures that lend an opulent flair.
  • Location – The surrounding environment can guide your hotel wallpaper For instance, beachside hotels might favor wallpaper with oceanic themes, subtle pastels, or tropical patterns. In contrast, urban hotels in bustling city centers may lean towards modern, sleek designs. Abstract patterns or cityscape murals can work well in these spaces.
  • Functionality of Rooms – Different areas within the hotel can be enhanced with specific wallpaper designs. For bedrooms, consider tranquil patterns with neutral colors. Lobby wallpaper designs can lean toward more dramatic looks, and include elements such as maps or illustrations, since these areas aim to make a splashy first impression, especially in small or mid-range hotels.
  • Adaptability – Choosing hotel wallpaper that is timeless or versatile ensures that the interiors remain relevant and fresh over time. Alternatively, a feature wall with a distinct pattern can be updated periodically with a closely related design, which can keep the décor current without an overhaul of the entire space.

By thoughtfully selecting wallpaper designs, hotels can provide an immersive experience for their guests, ensuring comfort while also reflecting the establishment’s values and unique personality.

Design Tips for Restaurants

Restaurants are spaces where atmosphere significantly influences the dining experience. The right wallpaper can accentuate the mood, complementing the cuisine and the restaurant’s philosophy. Here are some detailed restaurant wallpaper ideas for eateries:

  • Ambiance – A fine-dining venue might lean towards elegant, subtle designs with soft textures. In contrast, a casual eatery or a diner could go for fun, lively patterns that help to generate a laid-back feel.
  • Cuisine Connection – Restaurant wallpaper design can hint at the type of cuisine served. For example, Mediterranean-themed restaurants might benefit from azure blues or sun-baked oranges, while a sushi joint might embrace minimalistic designs that evoke the sea.
  • Acoustics – Some wallpaper comes with textures that can help in dampening sound, making conversations more intimate (and easier to hear). This can be especially beneficial for larger dining spaces that tend to get noisy.
  • Statement Walls – Consider dedicating one wall to a standout wallpaper design. This statement wall can become a visual centerpiece, creating a focal point and offering a backdrop for those all-important social media snaps by diners.

The right choice in wallpaper can aid in preparing guests for dining well before the first dish arrives.

Design Tips for Bars

Bars serve as escapes from the daily grind and offer patrons an inviting space that is distinct from—and preferably more pleasant than—the outside world. Here are some design suggestions for bars:

  • Set the Mood – Bars range from quiet, intimate rooms to lively, energetic pubs. Dark, moody wallpaper can create a sultry, secretive tone for areas intended to radiate a relaxed “cool.” In contrast, bright, vibrant patterns or bold graphics can evoke a lively atmosphere suitable for sports bars.
  • Theme-Centric Design – Many bars have distinct themes, from nautical to vintage, steampunk to tropical. Bar wallpaper should align with this theme to immerse patrons further into the vibe of the venue.
  • Acoustic Considerations – Just as with restaurants, bars can benefit from textured wallpaper that aids in sound absorption. This ensures that music and conversations remain clear without echoes.
  • Reflective Elements – Introducing wallpaper with metallic or reflective finishes can interact beautifully with bar lighting, creating dynamic visual effects as light bounces off various angles.

Choosing the right bar wallpaper can go a long way toward defining the venue’s character.

Finding the Right Wallpaper Accessories


Although the quality of wallpaper is certainly vital, don’t overlook the role of the tools and products used to apply it. The wrong wallpaper primer or adhesive can lead to peeling, bubbling, mold growth, and/or other headaches that will take time and money to fix. Here’s why ROMAN Products should be your preferred choice:

  • Tailored Solutions – ROMAN Products offers a variety of adhesives and primers specifically engineered for different types of wallpaper and wall surfaces.
  • Ease of Application – Our products are designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They’re easy to use, ensuring a stress-free application process.
  • Commitment to Quality – Our adhesives and primers are top-of-the-line, so installed wallpaper remains secure and smooth for years.

Be sure to explore our product catalog for more information about our adhesives, primers, and related offerings.