How to Fix Loose Wallpaper Seams

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy making sure your new wallpaper or border is installed perfectly, so there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the seams curling up, peeling, or lifting. Loose seams and edges are unsightly and take away from the elegance you were creating when you first installed the wallpaper. 
Close up of male hands fixing loose wallpaper seams.

Lifting seams and edges coming loose are a normal part of the life of any wallpaper installation, however, these issues should be dealt with immediately or you run the risk of further damage that could lead to more costly repairs. 

For many, repairing wallpaper edges that won’t stick is a task they feel best left to the pros, but in the world of wallpaper installation and repair, this is actually a good DIY project. Whether it happens weeks after you’ve finished, or years later, the good news is that with a little patience and the right tools, learning how to fix wallpaper seams that are coming apart is something that most homeowners can handle. Of course, if the project is too large, never hesitate to call a professional.

Why Are My Wallpaper Seams Coming Loose?

There are numerous reasons that your wallpaper seams have become loose:

  • When rolling the seams, there may have been too much glue squeezed out.
  • The wallpaper may not have been installed correctly to begin with.
  • The surface may not have been primed properly.
  • There may have been bubbles below the wallpaper.
  • The wallpaper’s pre-pasted backing adhesive may have failed.
  • It may be the result of damage from getting bumped.
  • It may be the result of aging.

In addition there other factors that are not as obvious:

  • The humidity in the air during installation.
  • The condition of the walls or substrate.
  • The weight of the wallpaper, itself.

Often, a common cause of failure is damaged drywall directly beneath the seam. If the drywall was cut during installation of the wallpaper, it may have affected the adhesion of the glue to the paper, allowing the seams to curl or peel back.

How To Fix Peeling Wallpaper Seams Step-By-Step

The steps to be followed in order to fix wallpaper seams are simple and easy to follow. First, you will need to have a few items on hand to get the job done right. For a quick video demonstration, click here.

  1. ROMAN’s Seam Repair Adhesive
  2. ROMAN’s Wallpaper Seam Roller
  3. ROMAN’s Wallpaper Smoothing Tool
  4. Small putty knife
  5. Sponge

For larger jobs, you may want ROMAN’s PRO-880 Ultra Clear also.

For small repairs where wallpaper edges won’t stick, take the following actions:

  1. Moisten the area to be repaired and using the small putty knife, slowly lift the seams away from the drywall. Check for damage below the repair area that needs to be fixed before proceeding.
  2. Apply a small amount of ROMAN’s Seam Repair adhesive into the loose seam.
  3. Use ROMAN’s Wallpaper Smoothing Tool to reseal the seam in place.
  4. Finally, go over the seam with ROMAN’s Wallpaper Seam Roller.
  5. Use a damp sponge to clean up any excess adhesive. 

For some vinyl wallpaper repairs, you may need to use a heat gun or hairdryer to help relax the seams so that they will lay down properly. Be sure to keep the heat gun moving to avoid burning the wallpaper. If a heat gun will be needed to complete the job, be sure to remove all excess adhesive before proceeding.

If you discover a tiny horizontal rip in the seam during your repair, put the flaps of the tear back into their original position before rolling them into the adhesive.

Why You Should Use ROMAN Products Seam Repair Adhesive And Roller

Our seam repair adhesive is strong and specially formulated for all types of wallcoverings. The product comes with a precision nozzle that makes application a breeze and is useful for sealing seams and edges, as well as corners and borders. It can also be used to repair tears and to bond overlapping edges of wallcoverings. It tacks up in minutes, eliminating the long waiting time required by other products.

Our seam roller is specifically designed to gently lay down wallpaper seams. It is lightweight and can be guided into corners to ensure a good seal with the adhesive.

ROMAN Products Are Rated Number One By Professionals

Regardless of the type of wallpaper project you are tackling, from installing a fresh roll on a new construction wall, removing multiple layers of old wallpaper from a commercial building, or repairing loose seams on a wall in your home, ROMAN Products makes the primer, pastes, removers, and tools to get the job done right the first time. 

Contact us today for more information on where to purchase ROMAN wallpaper products near you, as well as helpful tips for the professional or weekend warrior for installing and removing wallpaper.